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  ERMA FIRST ESK Engineering Solutions S.A. is a company headquartered in Greece, established to provide turnkey Ballast Water Treatment solutions to the marine, shipping an d shipbuilding industry worldwide.
  ERMA FIRST aims to improve performance by being determined to innovation an d excellence an d holds a leading position in the global market by delivering world-class engineering solutions, establishing world-wide corporate alliances an d preserving exceptional quality an d ethical standards as the firm s backbone of progressive development.
  The advanced ERMA FIRST BWTS FIT is an autonomous an d reliable solution for several types an d sizes of vessels an d holds Type Approval by IMO & USCG, class type approval by Lloyd��s Register an d AMS Acceptance Letter by USCG.        ERMA FIRST s experience in ballast water system technologies translates into appropriate engineering solutions to our clients most complex challenges. Our engineers an d scientists meet clients�� goals for quality, ease of operation an d long-term reliability at the lowest life-cycle cost, helping clients to meet their needs.
  Nowadays, ERMA FIRST has a prestigious reference list comprised of ship-owners an d shipyards in Greece, China, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Japan, Korea, US, etc.

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commissioning engineer
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���긥˹���Ϻ����Ƽ����޹�˾-������Ƹ��  http://www.shiphr.com/m_company-c_show-id_241030.html

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